Introducing The IHS Student Engagement Programme

As children grow into teenagers, they are largely influenced and exposed to habits and practices around them. Some of these practices shape and mold  them in both positive and negative ways, as it is widely known.

As a result, the IHS Class of ’97 Association wants to be a part of the positive intervention.

The IHS Class of ’97 Association Intervention
In line with our objectives and as part of efforts to engage our alma mater, grow values, integrity and interact with the current students; the Association is rolling out a student engagement and empowerment seminar/programme for the students of IHS.

The programme is set to commence in the month of April 2017, which is aimed at preparing and equipping the next generation, with the information, exposure, opportunity and mentoring to help them become tomorrow’s leaders in a positive and reproductive society.

The seminar interventions hopes to address the following;
The shift in attitude towards academics, declining school grades, declining values and attitude i.e. rudeness and indiscipline, peer pressure, lateness to school etc.

Mode of Delivery;
•Seminars •Pep Talks  •Guidance Counseling •Mentorship

Our Goals;
•To shape the lives of students through interventions.

•To encourage students in understanding the importance of school education as the basics to expanding the mind, thoughts and learning of essential skills

•To teach principles of success and overcoming challenges drawn from sharing real life experiences and as it relates to transition from youth to adult.

The facilitators identified for deliverance of these informational session so far, are members of the Association.
They will be  sharing their personal growth experiences, failures and successes, as it relates to building a strong and creative youth for a successful career and future.

Our Facilitators;
Yusuf Sule, Bukola Olusola, Abosede Adama, Tunji Fasimoye, Adekemi Sogunro, Meira Okafor, Priscilla Audu, Christopher Nwokolo, Queen Kuye, Morenikeji Oluwadare, Biodun Stephen Oladigbo, Eunice Iwu, Godwin Ezekwe, Funke Ogunyemi

Volunteer members who are also interested in participating in this unique programme should get in touch with the Secretary

God Bless Ikeja High School
And All Who Pass Through Her

Long Live IHS Class of ’97 Association

Thank you

Mrs. ‘Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO Team

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