Re: Support Towards Ikeja Senior High School (ISHS) 2017 Interhouse Sports Competition

Great IHS Comrades!

As announced in previous posts, the educational items of exercise books, math sets etc. pictured above were delivered in several dozens to our great Alma mater today thereby delivering on our promise as an Association to support the 2017 Ikeja Senior High School Interhouse Sports Competition which comes up Tomorrow, Thursday, 2nd March, 2017 by 10am on the school premises as announced in previous posts.

The Principal requests the honour of the presence of the IHS ’97 Alumni Set to the event and would be happy to have us come around.

Thank you

God Bless Ikeja High School
And All Who Pass Through Her!
Mrs. ‘Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO 

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