Great IHS Compatriots,

Further to previous announcements per the IHS @ 40 Anniversary Celebration/ Project/Programmes to be commemorated with the week long events of Academics, Sports and 40th Anniversary Gala Night Dinner Programmes and IHS School Hall Project, The IHS @ 40 Anniversary Planning Committee informed the various set representatives that the funds currently available with the IHSOSA Association are inadequate for the planned line up 40th Anniversary Programmes and Project initially scheduled to begin on 3rd October, 2017 and that all fund raising efforts will now be focused and streamlined towards the delivery and completion of the IHS School Auditorium which is the IHS 40th Anniversary Project by November 2017.

The different set chapters are enjoined to please remit the amounts gathered thus far per the 1st tranche of the N1million fund drive by the end of September, 2017 and subsequently work on the 2nd tranche and further fund raising efforts so that activities can begin on the school hall project and groundbreaking in the first week of October. The IHS Class of ’97 Association is giving =N=200,000 deposit from the N1million requested to the IHS 40th Anniversary Planning Committee

The school and students are hopeful for the reality of this great endeavour by the IHS Old Students’ Alumni and much needed facility by the School, so they can enjoy their end of year school activities and what a great difference it would be! From years and years of sitting under canopies in the heat, sun and rainy weather conditions for the various students’ educational programmes and activities, and look forward with brimming optimism to a school auditorium that facilitates and encourages meaningful learning and proper assimilation for the various student educational programs, seminars/activities in the coming years

The IHS 40th Anniversary Planning Committee appreciates the efforts of the various sets and is hopeful that the IHS School Hall Project becomes a reality with our donations and cooperation and encourages all our various sets members to align with the central vision to give back as a Unified One to our parent alma mater, Ikeja High School that first gave to us as we are all beneficiaries of this great public school and commemorate 40 years of Our Great Ikeja High School!

The IHS 40th Anniversary School Auditorium /Hall Project Completion target date is set for November, 2017

Thank you

God Bless Ikeja High School
And All Who Pass Through Her

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Great IHS Compatriots!

It’s all about our 20th Anniversary Reunion coming up 15 & 16th December, 2017!

We will be having a Facebook live video chat this, Sunday, 17th September, 2017 by 6pm so we can discuss, share ideas, views, suggestions and contributions with regard to the 20th Anniversary Reunion plans and programmes on how we want to celebrate this significant event and make it a memorable one for All of Us…

Let’s join and be part of the conversation on the facebook live chat on Sunday @ 6pm Nigerian time. Dis 20th reunion na we own o, reunion obu anyi, reunion yi ti gbogbo wa ni, make we plan am togeda make we enjoy am togeda

The 20th Reunion Celebration 2017 is for none other than the definitive set, The Great Class of IHS Class of ’97!


Cheers to 20 Years…🥂

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Great Esteemed IHS Class of ’97 Compatriot,

In order to have greater membership, participation, involvement and achieve more of our objectives and goals, The IHS Class of 97 Association needs to expand its membership base which requires more people power and members support.

The IHS Class of ’97 Association is more than just a Whatsapp or Facebook Group for some of Us but an Association for All members of the Great IHS Class of ’97 with a vision to; give back to our alma mater – Ikeja High School, foster spirit of camaraderie, strengthen bonds, empowerment, harness our resources and efforts to achieve bigger projects collectively. We are Better and Stronger Together

Joining the IHS Class of ’97 Association and getting involved is one sure way to reconnect with old schoolmates, network, share ideas, experiences and forge new alliances and is also the foundation for reunions and other events. Did we mention that the Ikeja High School 40th Anniversary Event comes up October 2017 and our Grand 20th Graduation Anniversary Reunion comes up 15th & 16th December, 2017! Yes indeed! It’s a Reunion you don’t want to miss!

We are on a mission to find our esteemed members as we need each one of Us to help spread the word to every member of IHS Class of ’97 across the nations and continents, that we can benefit and achieve more by being a part of and getting involved. We are Better and Stronger Together

There comes a time when we heed a certain call, when All of Us The Great IHS Class of ‘97 must come Together as One Association for Greatness, That Time is Now

Please send Name, Phone number, Email, Location & State to the Secretary General or Executives or visit the IHS Class of ’97 Members online link @ to fill your details. Should take less than 3 minutes to fill. Do ensure to fill all spaces with the asterisk symbol *

Think about all we can achieve together with the constellation of our great and brilliant minds. Great Things start by taking the first step…

Be Part of the IHS Class of ’97 Association…Get Involved

For more updates and to know more about our Association, check us on:


Facebook: IHS Class of 97

The IHS Class of ’97 Association is Our Collective Responsibility.

Together We Can


Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General
For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO