Having firmly and solemnly resolved to cooperate with and accept one another and operate as one united entity, dedicated to the promotion of the aims of our Constitution and to provide bye-laws for the purpose of promoting the smooth running and welfare of all members in our Association, on the principles of freedom, equality, fair-play and justice

Do hereby make, enact and give to ourselves the following Bye-Laws:


Section 1: Principal office
The principal office of the Association shall be situated at 66, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Section 2: Change of Address
The principal office of the Association may be changed. The Management Committee may change the principal office from one location to another within Nigeria subject to adoption of resolution to change the address by the Members.


Section 1: Membership
Membership is opened to every alumni of Ikeja High School Class of 97 Set.

Section 2: Responsibilities of Members:
To ensure due compliance with the aims and objectives of the constitution of the Association.
To have sincere interest in promoting the growth of the Association.
To pay the monthly dues of N1,000.00 (One Thousand Naira Only) and such other or further dues that shall from time to time be requested to be paid by members
Provided a member shall not be in arrears of cumulative payment for not less than 3 (three)months. A non-payment compliant member shall not be entitled to benefits that shall accrue to every member of the Association.

Section 3: Welfare of members
Membership of the Association provides everyone with opportunity to access extensive services as may from time to time be provided by the Association.
A member will be connected to a network of support, friendship and resources.
Payment compliant members can list or advertise their products and services on the social media platform and the group’s website.
Members shall be eligible for assistance through a range of funding:
Special purpose funding:
i.Death of member
ii.Sick member
Such amount of money that shall be pledged for specific purpose.
Application for Personal Loan
Application for personal loan is open to all payment compliant members. Such loan shall attract an interest rate of 2% (Two percent) per annum.
Provided the Association can commit to provide such amount of money exceeding the fund in Clause 2(a).

Section 4: Code of conduct by members.
This group is strictly for the alumni of Ikeja High School Class of 97 Association.
Interpersonal issues should not be discussed on this platform without the express consent of the parties involved first acquired and obtained.
Abusive, derogatory, vulgar, offensive and sarcastic expression by means of words, conduct or pictures with intent to deride, assault or insult the person, profession, religion or faith, career or family of another member is strictly forbidden on the social media platform.
Burning social and economic issues are welcome on the social media platform. Members shall ensure that they accept perspectives and ideas of others different from their own without any conflict or friction.
Personal religious and political views should be kept away from the group, particularly the social media platform. Members should refrain from posting messages that promotes hatred and division among members and the nation on the social media platform.

Section 5: Sanctions and penalties.
Non-compliance with the provisions of Section 4 shall be regarded as an act of misconduct. Such act of misconduct shall attract the following sanctions and penalties:
Such defaulting member shall be warned twice by the management committee.
If the act of misconduct continued unabated after such defaulting member has been warned by the management committee, he shall be liable to pay a fine of N2,000.00 (Two Thousand Naira Only) according to the number of times he committed the infraction.
If the act of misconduct continues and it has been established that such member has been booked seven (7) times for the same infraction, the name of such member shall be expelled from the Register of members of the Association.
A member who is expelled forfeits all rights to any property of the Association and to any contribution, entitlement and benefits, monetary or otherwise he may have made to the Association.

ARTICLE 3: Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association shall be as stated in the Constitution of the Association.

ARTICLE 4: The Board of Trustee

1. The Board of Trustee of the association is responsible for setting and maintaining the vision, mission and values of the association.
2. The Board of Trustees is also responsible for guarding its vision and values. Together, the Board and Management Committee develop long-term strategy.
The Board establishes and monitors policies to govern structural activity. These cover:
a. Guidance for members
b. The Systems for reporting and monitoring
c. An ethical framework for every member of the association.
d. Responbilities of trustees and management committee
3.The Board must ensure compliance with governing document (Constitution).
4.The board should ensure that the management Committee is accountable to the association by acting as check and balance.
5. The Board must maintain effective board performance via the following:
a. Productive meetings of members.
b. High standard behaviour expected of a Trustee.
c. Effective communication with management committee and provision of adequate resources.
6.The tenure of the members of the board of trustee shall be for a period of three years and they can be reappointed for another three years.
a. Any member or the whole of the Board of Trustees may be removed and replaced by 2/3 (Two-Third) majority vote of members at Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Association.
b. Any vacancy caused by the death, resignation, removal, disqualification, or otherwise of any member of the Board of Trustees shall be filled by the conduct of a bye-election within the period of 30 (Thirty) days of such vacancy.

* The Constitution states that members of the board shall be for life, however subject to ordinary resolution by members, the tenure of the Board of Trustees shall be reduced to 3 [three] years only.


SECTION 1: Members of the Management.
Members of the Management Committee must be persons of flawless and credible character.
A person who is a member of the Association in good standing and does not default in his/her payment of the monthly dues may serve as a member of the Management Committee.
Election of Executive members shall be by open ballot at the General Meeting of the Association. In the event of an election not holding at the General Meeting, such election shall hold electronically.
The tenure of office of the management committee shall be a period of one year. Such member shall be eligible for re-election.
Any member or the whole of the Management Committee may be removed and replaced by 2/3 (Two-Third) majority vote of members at Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Association.
Any vacancy caused by the death, resignation, removal, disqualification, or otherwise of any member of the Management Committee shall be filled by the conduct of a bye-election within the period of 30 (Thirty) days of such vacancy.

SECTION 2: Responsibility of the Management Committee
To ensure that the Association complies with and pursues its aims and objectives.
To ensure the Association applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives.
To contribute actively to the Committee’s role in giving firm strategic direction of the Association, setting overall policy, defining goals and evaluating performance.
To ensure effective and efficient administration of the Association.
To use one’s skills, abilities and experience for the benefit of the Association as appropriate.

SECTION 3: Powers of the Management Committee.
The management Committee shall be empowered:
To invest the funds of the Association in recognized project.
To lease or to take lease or to let moveable or immoveable property.
Provided that the sanction of a general meeting shall first be sought for any of these transactions.
To accept donation and legacies from any source provided such donations and legacies are free from any conditions detrimental to the objects of the association and public policy.
The management Committee shall, subject to approval by the BOT, be empowered to dispose of, mortgage or charge any property belonging to the Association unless such transaction has been approved by special resolution duly passed at an Extra-Ordinary General meeting of the Association.


He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and shall subject to the control of the Board of Trustees supervise and control the affairs of the Association and activities of members.
He represents the Association at public events.
He shall preside at all meetings of the Management Committee.
Signing documents on behalf of the Association.
Ensuring all relevant information is made available to Committee members.
Ensuring the Association is run according to its rules and any other strategic plan that has been agreed to.
Resolving disputes and grievances
Preparing and endorsing the agenda for meetings.

The Vice-President takes on the role of the President when the President is absent, unable to act or refusal to act.
Responsible for organizing events.
Any such other or further duty or duties as shall be prescribed therein or agreed to be performed by the Chairman or members of the Board of Trustees.

The secretary is responsible for the day to day administrative tasks listed below:
Maintaining the register of members.
Arranging and sending out notices for meetings.
Keeping minutes and records of meetings.
Attending to correspondence and making sure all letter and other documents are properly filed.
Maintaining custody of all books, documents, records and registers of the Association.
Assisting the President to prepare the Agenda and carry out all tasks as shall be directed by the chairman.
Perform all duties incidental to the office of the Secretary and such other duties as may be required by the Constitution and the bye-laws.

The Financial secretary/Treasurer shall have custody of, and be responsible for all funds and securities of the Association, and deposit such funds in the name of the Association
Receive and give receipt for moneys due and payable to the Association’s account as may be directed by the BOT.
Keep and maintain adequate and correct account of Association’s business transactions including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursement, gains and losses.
Exhibit at all reasonable times the books of account and financial report to the BOT on request thereof.
Render to the President and Committee members, whenever requested, an account of any or all of his/her transactions as financial secretary.
Prepare or cause to be prepared and certify or cause to be certified the financial statement to be included in any required reports.
Submit at the monthly meeting a list of members who have not paid their dues.
In conjunction with the president, sign all cheques, deeds and other documents of the Association.
Keep records of revenue accruing to the Association.

To coordinate and deliver welfare complaints on relevant welfare issues.
To represent members in Committees in relation to welfare matters.
Dealing with individual requests from members in relation to welfare matters.
Keeping the executive and members informed of all welfare matters.
Be responsible for the development and implementation of welfare package in conjunction with the Management Committee.
Providing welfare information to members.


The mode of meetings of the Association shall be as specified in the constitution of the Association.


The Association shall act, sue and shall be sued, and shall do all other acts under its corporate name through its Secretary.
Whenever the Association shall be sued and whenever it shall be necessary to serve notices, summonses or any other legal processes, judicial or extra-judicial, upon the Association, service upon the secretary shall be good and sufficient service on the Association.


No amendment of these rules shall be effected except by special resolution.
The decision to dissolve the association or amalgamate the Association with another shall be taken by special resolution.
In the event of winding up of the association, all its property, moveable or immoveable, its cash at bank and in hand, shall be disposed of in conformity with the law. Money realised from such disposal shall be transferred to affiliated association with similar aims and objectives.


The Association may be affiliated to any other Association, or form part of any federation of Associations, provided that on so doing such affiliation is not detrimental to the objects of the Association.
Any dispute between the Association and any of its members or any person’s claim by or through a member shall be settled by a special general meeting.