Call for nominations

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, pls recall that one of the low points of the wonderful reunion we had was our inability to conduct election for a proper management that will direct the affairs of the association.

In this light, the steering committee with the permission of majority of members decided to push further and still request for more nominations.

Also, members are who have signified Interest to contest for the post of President, Vice Presidents as well Secretary General are enjoined to do a short video recording of their plans for the association and forward same to Meira Bruce-Okafor for onward posting on the page as well as our website which is under construction.

Let me enjoin all members to pls contribute towards the success of this; the present committee are not elected and cannot continue to direct affairs of the association forever. Nominate people of unquestionable character as well as those who are committed and will avail the association part of their very scarce time to run the association.

Let the nominations come privately or publicly from now till Sunday, 27th November.

Thank you.

Tope Oyefeso

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