Great Leaders IHS Class of ’97

It has now become much easier to share with a wider audience than was ever possible before.

However, with quicker means of sharing messages and content, comes greater responsibility.The damage done by spreading misinformation, false knowledge, news, content, gory unpleasant images, videos can be far greater and this has become a growing concern to social media users on group platforms.

Great caution and care must br taken to avoid propagation of unverified frivolous misleading posts, gory images, unplesant pictures, rumours which circulate mostly through social media platforms

Before we succumb to the temptation of forwarding or sharing messages as received on social media i.e Facebook, WhatsApp etc we should learn first to confirm and verify the authenticity of the content, narration or news, image, video before we tap the button to forward/share such news to all our contacts and groups we are part of

Some Things To Consider…

1. The moment you post something on a social media platform i.e. twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp…it becomes your responsibility to defend what you have posted

2. As long as you post it, you are fully responsible for every content of everything you post, even if you forwarded it from someone else. There is nothing like I just posted as received from somewhere.

3. It is important you verify both content and source of whatever information you have before posting

4. Be ready to answer every question relating to every post you send. Don’t post it if you can’t answer for it.

5. Note that, not everything posted on social media is true.

6. Great caution and care should be exercised on what you post through social media as there are alot of videos, content and images from previous years being recycled

7. It may cost you your reputation, respect, friendships or even your life when you broadcast, propagate or disseminate news, videos, stories, reports or jokes that you may not have verified, proven, confirmed or censored.

Please Note:
We are not excused nor absolved of our responsibility in sending/propagating these messages further by just writing forwarded as received, posted as received, shared as received. We must confirm content before forwarding or posting to people or groups you are part of to respect other people’s space and do our part to add value with information being propagated to keep the peace and safety of the online community space.

#postresponsibly #usesocialmediaresponsibly

Thank you very much

Keji Oluwadare 
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Greatest IHS Class of ’97
Great Leaders, Great Fathers and Mothers of Today, Visioners, Achievers, Great Minds
Further to the appeal and clarion call message from our umbrella body IHSOSA posted yesterday
We appeal and solicit contributions from our Greats towards the IHSOSA-IHS@ 40 School Hall Project towards building a solid legacy for the current students and future generations
As we aware, the IHS Hall Project has been a drag since last year, hence the appeal message and clarion call from the IHSOSA to All Great IHS Alumni as the Hall Project is time bound and due for completion by February 2018 so it doesn’t incur rising inflation costs, further expenses etc.
Greats, Our Dear Ikeja High School needs us at this crucial time as giving back and contributing to make meaningful difference to our alma mater is at the core and one of the primary main objectives of our Great Association
Please no amount is small. As we have read from the IHSOSA post, N1Million is possible and happens when 10people give N100,000each or 50people give N20,000 each or 25people give N40,000 each or 20 people give N50,000 each or 100people give N10,000 each and so on.
Please make your donations to IHS 97 Association Account below and tag your payments/ narration as ‘IHS Hall Project’
Greats, thank you for your interests and committment. We appeal that the contributions to give back to our Ikeja High School begin
The strength of our Ikeja High School is manifested in the solidity of the Alumni.
IHS binds all of us. IHS needs Us at this defining moment
Let us stand to be counted and make a difference in the lives of the current and future students and generations to come by contributing generously IHSOSA School Auditorium Project and a solid legacy
Let’s make a difference!
Thank you very much and God Bless, Replenish and Keep Us All. Amen

Proposed Project Design (Exterior) IHSOSA IHS @ 40 Anniversary School Hall Project

God Bless Ikeja High School
And All Who Pass Through Her
Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General
For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Greatest IHS Class of ’97

Great Leaders, Great Fathers and Mothers of Today, Visioners, Achievers, Great Minds

Trust we are doing great, work, family and all is going well. Many Thanks for your support.
Further to previous posts on the IHSOSA-IHS @40 School Hall Project, please see below detailed memo for our reading attention and necessary action from our umbrella body, Ikeja High School Old Students’ Association (IHSOSA) on the IHS School Hall Project and passionate appeal for funds and financial contributions to give back towards the completion of the School Hall Project as a Unified One to our alma mater, Ikeja High School that first gave to us.

Thank you

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO



To Be Circulated Across

To All IHS Set Representatives

To All The Different IHS Set Chapters Media Forums, Whatsapp Chat Groups etc


Dear IHS Alumnus,

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to You All.

Ikeja High School was 40 years on October 3rd, 2017!

A school that we “all once passed through”, that offered “high morals and academic work” and spurred us to become great leaders of today excelling in different fields and spheres of endeavour all around the World. God Bless Ikeja High School.

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary, the Alumni association was contacted by the school and in the end, the School Auditorium Project was unanimously agreed as an excellent choice amongst many other project/gift options. We were motivated by the obvious far reaching benefits of an auditorium especially for the students who have endured several years of unfavourable weather conditions to attend/hold educational programmes and activities.

After all efforts were made to set up committees and gather support/donations, the Ground Breaking/Unveiling Ceremony was eventually held on the 7th of October, 2017. However, the project pace has been quite slow due to financial constraints which led to frequent shifts in completion timelines.

Project completion delivery was initially scheduled for October 2017, then moved to November 2017, then December 2017 and now February 2018.

This is a Clarion Call to all IHS Alumni in Nigeria and Diaspora to Unite and Support the School Auditorium Project!


Project Type: Extensive Renovation/Remodelling and Conversion

Project Funding: Set Levy of N1million per IHS Set

Project Cost & Estimate: N7million

Amount Disbursed to Project/Building Contractor for 1st Phase: N2.6m

Project Balance: N4.5m (excluding accessories and fittings)

Project Delivery and Completion Date: February 2018

Project Phases and Timelines

Budget: N7,007,187.85

Phase      %                Amount

1         45.0      N3,153,865.18

2         35.3      N2,475,008.82

3         17.2      N1,203,134.15

4          2.5        N175,179.70

Phase      Delivery (Weeks)

1              3

2              2

3              2

4               –

Phase 4 Represents Retention 6 Months After Completion


The following items have been listed here to be received as donations to the School Auditorium Project;

– 8units 2HP Split Air Conditioning Sets

– 1 Modern Multi Media/projector, Manually operated 6ft wide Sreen and projector

– 250 Hall chairs, no armrests

– 1 Public Address System: With 2 wireless microphones, Body pack transmitter, main unit, USB port and SD/MMC card slot

– 10 OX Industrial Standing Fans (20 inches)


The IHS Set Levy of N1million per Set – The Project Committee is making a passionate appeal to all the different sets to expedite action on their set levies. We thank all sets that have sent in part of their levy and make a passionate appeal for other sets to follow suit to mobilize more funds for the 2nd Phase of the project which is critical so the project does not drag.

=N=1Million happens when 10people give N100,000each or 50people give N20,000 each or 25people give N40,000 each or 20 people give N50,000 each or 100people give N10,000 each and so on.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step…

Construction and remodelling work started on the 3rd of January 2018 (see photos below).

In the first Phase, the following were achieved:

– Extensive masonry work covering restructuring and plastering, stage casting

– Electrical wiring

– Plumbing (piping)

– Burglary proofs

– Window frames

The 2nd Phase was to have kicked off on the 21st of January. This is a critical phase of the project for which funds are not available as we write.

Although, the pace has been quite slow, we are committed and determined to deliver this project in full!


Giving Back is one of life’s important values as it helps sustain a cycle of growth and development. We are familiar with and may have engaged in various “community give back projects” as it guarantees leaving a befitting legacy of better opportunities for the upcoming generations.

Alumni play a large role in determining the future and continued development of an institution because you are also helping the current students and future leaders gain valuable quality education.

Ikeja High School offered us all more than what obtained in any average public secondary school at those times as we gained so much more than just an education from our high school, therefore we owe it a duty and responsibility to give back and return a favour to an institution that provided the bedrock of our overall development and contributed to the success that we have achieved in life.

The IHSOSA Project Committee appreciates the efforts of every Alumni for their contributions and support in cash and kind and also the different IHS Sets chapters that have made contributions and makes a passionate appeal to all the different IHS Sets to mobilize more funds per their set levy which is desperately needed to get the School Auditorium Project completed by February 2018. May we all be blessed bountifully.

Ask your Set Representative (IHSOSA 1997 Set Rep – Mrs. Keji Oluwadare) should you have further enquiries.

Together We Can. Thank you very much.

God Bless Ikeja High School
And All Who Pass Through Her

IHS @ 40…Commemorating 40 Years of Leadership & Greatness

From: Ikeja High School Old Students’ Association (IHSOSA) Project Committee


The ambience on Saturday evening at our IHS Class of ’97 Grand 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Gala Dinner was the unmistakable atmosphere of elegance, beauty, fun, laughter, excitement, friendship, nostalgia et al

Our 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend 2017 may have come and gone, still the wonderful memories linger…seeing our Greats from around the world; Pretty Ladies and Handsome Gentlemen, Our Great IHS Teachers all gathered in a beautiful, tastefully decorated hall with white/gold theme, an array of delectable meals, finger foods, various drinks et al in an ambience/atmosphere of smiles, joy, excitement, glamour, elegance and laughter which happened on Saturday, 16th December, 2017 at GolfView Hotel Conference Hall, Ikeja G.R.A, Lagos

Shouts of excitement, surprise, hugs, nostalgia, joy and laughter filled the hall as we saw them live in our midst 20years later…Great Destiny moulders, our high school teachers honoured, appreciated and recognised on many levels for their positive impact, influence and contributions to our lives as part of programme highlights of our 20th Anniversary Reunion Celebrations.

In our midst were Mrs. Adegboye (nee Taylor)- Mathematics, Mrs. Ajayi-Biology, Mrs. Nwokedinobi – Guidance & Counselling, Mr. Chris Ukoha-Mathematics, Mrs. Aina (Miss Onyeoke)-English Language and Mr. Hassan – Economics.

We observed minutes silence in remembrance of all our Great beloved classmates who have departed…May the souls of our dear departed classmates rest in perfect peace. Amen

We reminisced our high school days and experiences with our great teachers @Ikeja High School and how much they impacted our lives positively in many ways.

The Teachers were grateful to God for keeping us through the years and on behalf of our other great teachers, expressed delight to be in our midst 20 years later in beautiful and joyful ambience/atmosphere as Great Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Great Mothers and Fathers Today and prayed for us to wax stronger and urged us to be involved in matters regarding our 1997 Set. They expressed their profound Thanks and Appreciation to the IHS 1997 Set;

Mrs Ajayi still very much active in her gestures appreciates the IHS 1997 Set for the honour. For the support and all our efforts to make great WASSCE grades and results during high school for making ourselves proud and doing the teachers and school proud!

Mrs. Nwokedinobi expressed delight to be in our midst as she chanted Great High Ikeja School and we responded Great! She commented on the lovely atmosphere and beautiful faces and glad that we are alive and well

Mr Hassan expressed appreciation in his message to the IHS 97 Set, that he felt greatly and gratefully honoured to be recognized for what he was being paid to do 20 years after. I appreciate it so much and wish and pray that you will all continue to excel in all your endeavours and soar from heights to heights and the association will wax in Unity and Strength. He wishes us more glorious reunions and Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year in advance

Mr. Chris Ukoha still as jovial and amidst shouts of Pythagoras Theorem from the students, I mean IHS ’97 Greats commented that he can still recollect some of our faces and was very happy to be in our midst. He expressed his appreciation and says he will always remember Ikeja High School!

Mrs. Aina (nee Onyeoke) was indeed happy to be in our and appreciated the honour and gesture by the IHS 1997 Set.

Mrs. Adegboye (nee Taylor) expresses her appreciation and prays that the Lord will honour and take Us all to greater heights than we expect and above all we all will find and fulfill the purpose of God for our lives.

The fun continued with the raffle ticket draws with branded gifts won for the lucky numbers drawn, pictures and papparazi plus cutting of the 20th Anniversary Reunion Cake and the beat goes on…
Dance, Dance, Dance

Many Thanks and Appreciation to all our Greats in Nigeria and Greats in Diaspora who stretched and joined their hands from across the nations and continents; for financial support, dues payments, donations/contributions, Greats who volunteered resources, talents, skills, took up aspects of the event and redeemed the pledges/support, the 2017 Reunion Committee, Vendors, Everyone involved in logistics, planning and preparations and support in every way towards our 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Celebrations and our Greats minded to contribute. May God Almighty Bless and Replenish Everyone Greatly and Bountifully!

Many Thanks and Appreciation to all our Greats who came from various regions intra state and the inter states in Nigeria and from the Diaspora and graced the event with their present presence as we celebrated this significant chapter in our history together.
Also our Greats who wished to come but for reasons and circumstances could not make it to the event. God Bless and Keep Us All

Our Greats present at the event commented on the turn out for the Reunion event as we looked forward to seeing and reuniting with more Greats being the significant 20th Anniversary Reunion of Class of ’97 as awareness began sometime February 2017. Other Association matters not talked about will also be discussed in due course.

Thanks be to God for safety and journey mercies for all our travel bound greats and all of Us in our movements all around for His mercies and blessings through the year and in the many years ahead

We shall continually rejoice over each other with joy and gladness! Thank you for making it happen! It can only get better!

God Bless and Keep Us All, Great IHS Class of ’97!

Cheers to 20 Years and counting…to many more reunions and great celebrations!


@ the IHS Class of ’97 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Gala Event, Saturday, 16th December, 2017
Pretty Ladies and Handsome Gentlemen of the Great IHS Class of ’97 and our Teachers 20 years later in appreciation and recognition of their positive impact in our lives…
from L to R: Mrs Adegboye-Maths (nee Taylor), Mrs. Ajayi – Biology), Mrs. Nwokedinobi-Guidance & Counselling, Mr. Chris Ukoha (Maths), Mrs. Aina – English Language(nee Onyeoke), Mr. Hassan (Economics)

IHS 97 Thanks for Joining Us

Have a Very Merry Christmas 🎄and a Happy & Prosperous New Year in Advance!

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Activities for our 2017 Reunion Weekend kicked off on a sporting note with the referee’s whistle on the football field of play signifying the start of the Novelty Football Match between IHS 2017 Student Team v IHS I997 Team (20 years after graduation) as part of highlights and activities commemorating our IHS ’97 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend on Saturday, 16th December 2017.

The morning was bright and the weather was fair as the IHS 2017 Student Team arrived early and our Great Men of the 1997 Team reported intra state within the Lagos Metropolis and all over the world to the field of play 20 years after high school graduation to be part of some interesting football action with the young boys of IHS 2017 Student Team!

The IHS 1997 Set Squad Line Up of Our Great Men, Leaders and Fathers of Today from all around the world;
Team Coach and Coordinator Taiwo Adeleye, Team Captain (Barr.) Yusuf Sule (Lagos), Goalkeeper – Emmanuel (Elder Opas) Oparaugo (Owerri), Top striker- Bidemi Babatunde (Lagos) on the wings were Godwin Chuks (Lagos) and Saliu Afegbua (Lagos), Midfielders; Wasiu Aramide (IHS 1997 Set Sports Prefect 20 years before) and Nicolas Doherty(South Africa), On Defence are Razaq Ganiyu ‘Gee’ Olayiwola (Benin), and Ilelaboye Bode (Lagos) and reserve Lucas Olatunji (USA)

And our supportive supporters physically present; Tunde Odule (Abuja), Priscilla Audu -USA, Queen Kuye (Lagos) and yours sincerely, Keji Oluwadare- Lagos and not forgetting our online supporters.

It’s a gooooal!!!! And IHS 1997 Team score the first goal of the match. The scoreline was drawn 2-2 and our Great Bidemi Babatunde scored both goals for the IHS 1997 Team. There were no injuries recorded on the field of play and refreshments were served after the match.

The goal/objective of the novelty match with the School Team/Future Leaders was an opportunity and platform for the students team to interact and bond with their Seniors and learn life lessons beyond the classroom through the avenue of sports so as to foster team spirit, good sportsmanship, fair play etc. Against this background, yours sincerely, Keji Oluwadare (Secretary General) engaged the IHS 2017 Student Team after the match for some comments on their experience on the field of play with the Seniors; some of them said it was exciting and a great experience, there were no rough tackles from the Seniors, whilst some expressed disappointment at not winning the match.

Team IHS 1997 commented they were happy to associate with and be part of this significant novelty match as they did not have the opportunity back in their day in order to encourage them. They also commended the Students for good attempt on the field of play.

Team Coach Taiwo, Captain Yusuf and our Great Men then took turns to share and offer some tips to the Student Team from the benefit of hindsight and experience on various points based on the just concluded game i.e. how to improve their team coordination, team work, conduct on the field and some professional rules about the game of football. They urged the boys to take advantage of this learning opportunity as they did not have such during their time and urged them to cultivate relationships with each other as team members as the men have been in touch for over 20years plus the boys were obviously impressed to learn that the Seniors came from various regions and states just for the football match.

Our Great Men presented gold medals 🥇 to each member of the School Team and commended their efforts for good attempt on the field of play and also encouraged them as Future Leaders to reach for greatness and strive for other gold awards in terms of good grades in their academic work and reach for great in all their endeavours as only the best is good for Ikeja High School while our Great Men got the silver medals 🥈 Big Ups Guys! You rock!

In response, Team Captain Chidi of 2017 School Student Team thanked all the Seniors and the entire IHS 1997 Set for the great opportunity, their words of advice and encouragement as they have learnt some things and will strive to be Great Leaders like our Great Men and do better.

Many Thanks and Appreciation to All our Greats for the support and to Our Great IHS 1997 Men for volunteering, commitment, contributions and presence, the IHS Senior Principal & School Management, The IHS 2017 School Team & Sports Coordinators and also to our Coach/Coordinator Taiwo Adeleye (just in from Bauchi) for the contributions of medals, logistics, jerseys and sport apparel incl. goal keeper kits for both teams.
The Sports wear and Jerseys for the School Team was purchased and donated by the IHS Class of ’97 Association to the IHS 2017 School Team to be used for school sports and games, not for individual use/purposes. (Pictures below)

Presentation of Jerseys & Sports Wear
Presentation and Donation of New Set of Jerseys and Sports Wear incl. Goal Keeper Kit from IHS Class of ’97 Association to IHS 2017 Senior School Football Team
Presenting on behalf of the Association are: IHS 1997 Set Football Team Coach- Taiwo Adeleye, Wasiu Aramide (Sports Prefect IHS 1997 Set 20years ago), Keji Oluwadare (Secretary General), Capt (Barr.) Yusuf Sule (BoT)
Combined Teams with Supporters' Club. jpg
IHS Class of ’97 Reunion Novelty Football Match 2017
We had lots of fun, excitement and great football action
on the field of play and so say All of Us…
In mufti are Keji, Priscilla, Babatunde Odule, Queen
IHS 2017 Team with the Gold Medals
Our Great Boys…Men of Tomorrow and Future Leaders …
IHS 2017 Student Team with their Sports Coordinators
strike a pose after receiving gold medals for good attempt at the football game on the field of play
IHS 1997 Football Team
IHS 1997 Team with
Our Great Men, Leaders and Fathers of Today!
IHS 1997 Set Football Team (20 Years after), strike a pose with their silver medals…20years aint 20days abi
L-R: Odule, Saliu, Wasiu, Capt. Yusuf, Bode Ilelaboye, Emmanuel Opas, Bidemi Babatunde, Coach Taiwo T, Godwin, Rasaq Gee Olayiwola Big Ups to you Guys! Una too much! You rock!
With the power of Great Class IHS Class of ’97 working together, Victory is Sure!
Yours Sincerely,
Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General
For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Guess what !

It’s the IHS Class of ’97 Reunion Weekend of Sports and Games

Novelty Football Match ⚽ (IHS 1997 v IHS 2017)

plus other games such as Ludo, Table-Tennis, Scrabble etc

Today, Saturday, 16th December, 2017

Time: 8:30am – 12noon

@Murtala Muhammad Int’l School, Strabag Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos

Thanks to Our Great Men who volunteered…Coach /Coordinator Taiwo T, Capt. (Barr). Yusuf Saliu, Bidemi, Udeme, Ilelaboye Bode, Saheed, Christopher, Banji, Wasiu, Bode, Nicolas, Ikenna, JP, Taiwo Coker, Ovie, Otunba Tope and other greats who are ready to hit the field of play

You don’t wanna miss the action, fun, thrillz, dribbles, passes and skillz as the Men of IHS ’97 Football Team grace the pitch 20years after graduation with the IHS 2017 Team! We gat the power 💪🏾

Get ready! Let’s play football

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Greatest of The Greatest IHS Class of 97!

Yessssoooo!!! Today is the Day! Saturday, 16th December, 2017 of our much awaited IHS Class of ’97 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017!

Drum Roll🥁🥁🎷🎺! Can’t Keep Calm! It’s a Happy and Exciting Day!

Get Ready! Get Ready!! for the thrills, loads of fun, excitement, friendship, laughter, nostalgia ati bebe loo wey go sele Today!

Plenty Twale 🙌🏾, Gbosa👊🏾 and Appreciation to all our Greats here and in the diaspora for all the support, making dues payments, volunteering efforts, contributions and Greats who are still minded to contribute. Chance still dey to contribute

It seems like yesterday we were teens

so young and hopeful and full of dreams.

It’s hard to believe 20 years has passed,

so let’s reunite and have a blast!

There’s so much to celebrate and be grateful for the 20years past and the clear and bright ahead

Let’s get this show on the road


Cheers to 20 Years…🍾🥂

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General
For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Greatest IHS Class of ’97!

20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Tinz Loading…

Drum Roll! Can’t Keep Calm! It’s 2 days to the much awaited Reunion weekend of 16th December, 2017!

Get Ready! Get Ready!! for the thrills, loads of fun, excitement, friendship, laughter, nostalgia ati bebe loo wey go sele for this weekend

Twale, Gbosa and Appreciation to all our Greats for making dues payments, efforts, contributions and Greats who are still minded to contribute

Our support, resources, finances and contributions are still much needed to make this event memorable for Us All. God Bless and Replenish Bountifully.




It seems like yesterday we were teens,

so young and hopeful and full of dreams.

It’s hard to believe 20 years has passed,

so let’s reunite and have a blast!

Our High School Reunion is 1 out of 52 weekends in a year…Let’s Make It Happen!

There is no Re_nion without ‘U’

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO


Greatest IHS Class of ’97!

It’s Closer Than Close! Time to get in the flow

Our 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Loading…

Yaay!! It’s Reunion Week and 5 days to the much awaited dates of 15th & 16th December, 2017!

Many Thanks to Greats who made dues payments, contributions in every way and Greats who are minded to contribute.

We are stronger and better together joining our hearts, hands, resources, finances, contributions across the nations as finances are in dire need now more than ever to plan the Reunion Event.

*We appeal and encourage us to make dues payment, contribute, support, redeem pledges, participate to make the event a reality and memorable one as we celebrate this significant chapter in our history together*




You don’t want to miss the experience, nostalgia, excitement, renewed camaraderie when attending your high school reunion!

Our participation + presence matters cos There is no Re_nion without ‘U’

Who Can’t You Wait To See At Our Reunion?

Let’s Make It Happen!

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO

official 5days