The ambience on Saturday evening at our IHS Class of ’97 Grand 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Gala Dinner was the unmistakable atmosphere of elegance, beauty, fun, laughter, excitement, friendship, nostalgia et al

Our 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend 2017 may have come and gone, still the wonderful memories linger…seeing our Greats from around the world; Pretty Ladies and Handsome Gentlemen, Our Great IHS Teachers all gathered in a beautiful, tastefully decorated hall with white/gold theme, an array of delectable meals, finger foods, various drinks et al in an ambience/atmosphere of smiles, joy, excitement, glamour, elegance and laughter which happened on Saturday, 16th December, 2017 at GolfView Hotel Conference Hall, Ikeja G.R.A, Lagos

Shouts of excitement, surprise, hugs, nostalgia, joy and laughter filled the hall as we saw them live in our midst 20years later…Great Destiny moulders, our high school teachers honoured, appreciated and recognised on many levels for their positive impact, influence and contributions to our lives as part of programme highlights of our 20th Anniversary Reunion Celebrations.

In our midst were Mrs. Adegboye (nee Taylor)- Mathematics, Mrs. Ajayi-Biology, Mrs. Nwokedinobi – Guidance & Counselling, Mr. Chris Ukoha-Mathematics, Mrs. Aina (Miss Onyeoke)-English Language and Mr. Hassan – Economics.

We observed minutes silence in remembrance of all our Great beloved classmates who have departed…May the souls of our dear departed classmates rest in perfect peace. Amen

We reminisced our high school days and experiences with our great teachers @Ikeja High School and how much they impacted our lives positively in many ways.

The Teachers were grateful to God for keeping us through the years and on behalf of our other great teachers, expressed delight to be in our midst 20 years later in beautiful and joyful ambience/atmosphere as Great Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Great Mothers and Fathers Today and prayed for us to wax stronger and urged us to be involved in matters regarding our 1997 Set. They expressed their profound Thanks and Appreciation to the IHS 1997 Set;

Mrs Ajayi still very much active in her gestures appreciates the IHS 1997 Set for the honour. For the support and all our efforts to make great WASSCE grades and results during high school for making ourselves proud and doing the teachers and school proud!

Mrs. Nwokedinobi expressed delight to be in our midst as she chanted Great High Ikeja School and we responded Great! She commented on the lovely atmosphere and beautiful faces and glad that we are alive and well

Mr Hassan expressed appreciation in his message to the IHS 97 Set, that he felt greatly and gratefully honoured to be recognized for what he was being paid to do 20 years after. I appreciate it so much and wish and pray that you will all continue to excel in all your endeavours and soar from heights to heights and the association will wax in Unity and Strength. He wishes us more glorious reunions and Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year in advance

Mr. Chris Ukoha still as jovial and amidst shouts of Pythagoras Theorem from the students, I mean IHS ’97 Greats commented that he can still recollect some of our faces and was very happy to be in our midst. He expressed his appreciation and says he will always remember Ikeja High School!

Mrs. Aina (nee Onyeoke) was indeed happy to be in our and appreciated the honour and gesture by the IHS 1997 Set.

Mrs. Adegboye (nee Taylor) expresses her appreciation and prays that the Lord will honour and take Us all to greater heights than we expect and above all we all will find and fulfill the purpose of God for our lives.

The fun continued with the raffle ticket draws with branded gifts won for the lucky numbers drawn, pictures and papparazi plus cutting of the 20th Anniversary Reunion Cake and the beat goes on…
Dance, Dance, Dance

Many Thanks and Appreciation to all our Greats in Nigeria and Greats in Diaspora who stretched and joined their hands from across the nations and continents; for financial support, dues payments, donations/contributions, Greats who volunteered resources, talents, skills, took up aspects of the event and redeemed the pledges/support, the 2017 Reunion Committee, Vendors, Everyone involved in logistics, planning and preparations and support in every way towards our 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Celebrations and our Greats minded to contribute. May God Almighty Bless and Replenish Everyone Greatly and Bountifully!

Many Thanks and Appreciation to all our Greats who came from various regions intra state and the inter states in Nigeria and from the Diaspora and graced the event with their present presence as we celebrated this significant chapter in our history together.
Also our Greats who wished to come but for reasons and circumstances could not make it to the event. God Bless and Keep Us All

Our Greats present at the event commented on the turn out for the Reunion event as we looked forward to seeing and reuniting with more Greats being the significant 20th Anniversary Reunion of Class of ’97 as awareness began sometime February 2017. Other Association matters not talked about will also be discussed in due course.

Thanks be to God for safety and journey mercies for all our travel bound greats and all of Us in our movements all around for His mercies and blessings through the year and in the many years ahead

We shall continually rejoice over each other with joy and gladness! Thank you for making it happen! It can only get better!

God Bless and Keep Us All, Great IHS Class of ’97!

Cheers to 20 Years and counting…to many more reunions and great celebrations!


@ the IHS Class of ’97 20th Anniversary Reunion 2017 Gala Event, Saturday, 16th December, 2017
Pretty Ladies and Handsome Gentlemen of the Great IHS Class of ’97 and our Teachers 20 years later in appreciation and recognition of their positive impact in our lives…
from L to R: Mrs Adegboye-Maths (nee Taylor), Mrs. Ajayi – Biology), Mrs. Nwokedinobi-Guidance & Counselling, Mr. Chris Ukoha (Maths), Mrs. Aina – English Language(nee Onyeoke), Mr. Hassan (Economics)

IHS 97 Thanks for Joining Us

Have a Very Merry Christmas 🎄and a Happy & Prosperous New Year in Advance!

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO

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