Activities for our 2017 Reunion Weekend kicked off on a sporting note with the referee’s whistle on the football field of play signifying the start of the Novelty Football Match between IHS 2017 Student Team v IHS I997 Team (20 years after graduation) as part of highlights and activities commemorating our IHS ’97 20th Anniversary Reunion Weekend on Saturday, 16th December 2017.

The morning was bright and the weather was fair as the IHS 2017 Student Team arrived early and our Great Men of the 1997 Team reported intra state within the Lagos Metropolis and all over the world to the field of play 20 years after high school graduation to be part of some interesting football action with the young boys of IHS 2017 Student Team!

The IHS 1997 Set Squad Line Up of Our Great Men, Leaders and Fathers of Today from all around the world;
Team Coach and Coordinator Taiwo Adeleye, Team Captain (Barr.) Yusuf Sule (Lagos), Goalkeeper – Emmanuel (Elder Opas) Oparaugo (Owerri), Top striker- Bidemi Babatunde (Lagos) on the wings were Godwin Chuks (Lagos) and Saliu Afegbua (Lagos), Midfielders; Wasiu Aramide (IHS 1997 Set Sports Prefect 20 years before) and Nicolas Doherty(South Africa), On Defence are Razaq Ganiyu ‘Gee’ Olayiwola (Benin), and Ilelaboye Bode (Lagos) and reserve Lucas Olatunji (USA)

And our supportive supporters physically present; Tunde Odule (Abuja), Priscilla Audu -USA, Queen Kuye (Lagos) and yours sincerely, Keji Oluwadare- Lagos and not forgetting our online supporters.

It’s a gooooal!!!! And IHS 1997 Team score the first goal of the match. The scoreline was drawn 2-2 and our Great Bidemi Babatunde scored both goals for the IHS 1997 Team. There were no injuries recorded on the field of play and refreshments were served after the match.

The goal/objective of the novelty match with the School Team/Future Leaders was an opportunity and platform for the students team to interact and bond with their Seniors and learn life lessons beyond the classroom through the avenue of sports so as to foster team spirit, good sportsmanship, fair play etc. Against this background, yours sincerely, Keji Oluwadare (Secretary General) engaged the IHS 2017 Student Team after the match for some comments on their experience on the field of play with the Seniors; some of them said it was exciting and a great experience, there were no rough tackles from the Seniors, whilst some expressed disappointment at not winning the match.

Team IHS 1997 commented they were happy to associate with and be part of this significant novelty match as they did not have the opportunity back in their day in order to encourage them. They also commended the Students for good attempt on the field of play.

Team Coach Taiwo, Captain Yusuf and our Great Men then took turns to share and offer some tips to the Student Team from the benefit of hindsight and experience on various points based on the just concluded game i.e. how to improve their team coordination, team work, conduct on the field and some professional rules about the game of football. They urged the boys to take advantage of this learning opportunity as they did not have such during their time and urged them to cultivate relationships with each other as team members as the men have been in touch for over 20years plus the boys were obviously impressed to learn that the Seniors came from various regions and states just for the football match.

Our Great Men presented gold medals 🥇 to each member of the School Team and commended their efforts for good attempt on the field of play and also encouraged them as Future Leaders to reach for greatness and strive for other gold awards in terms of good grades in their academic work and reach for great in all their endeavours as only the best is good for Ikeja High School while our Great Men got the silver medals 🥈 Big Ups Guys! You rock!

In response, Team Captain Chidi of 2017 School Student Team thanked all the Seniors and the entire IHS 1997 Set for the great opportunity, their words of advice and encouragement as they have learnt some things and will strive to be Great Leaders like our Great Men and do better.

Many Thanks and Appreciation to All our Greats for the support and to Our Great IHS 1997 Men for volunteering, commitment, contributions and presence, the IHS Senior Principal & School Management, The IHS 2017 School Team & Sports Coordinators and also to our Coach/Coordinator Taiwo Adeleye (just in from Bauchi) for the contributions of medals, logistics, jerseys and sport apparel incl. goal keeper kits for both teams.
The Sports wear and Jerseys for the School Team was purchased and donated by the IHS Class of ’97 Association to the IHS 2017 School Team to be used for school sports and games, not for individual use/purposes. (Pictures below)

Presentation of Jerseys & Sports Wear
Presentation and Donation of New Set of Jerseys and Sports Wear incl. Goal Keeper Kit from IHS Class of ’97 Association to IHS 2017 Senior School Football Team
Presenting on behalf of the Association are: IHS 1997 Set Football Team Coach- Taiwo Adeleye, Wasiu Aramide (Sports Prefect IHS 1997 Set 20years ago), Keji Oluwadare (Secretary General), Capt (Barr.) Yusuf Sule (BoT)
Combined Teams with Supporters' Club. jpg
IHS Class of ’97 Reunion Novelty Football Match 2017
We had lots of fun, excitement and great football action
on the field of play and so say All of Us…
In mufti are Keji, Priscilla, Babatunde Odule, Queen
IHS 2017 Team with the Gold Medals
Our Great Boys…Men of Tomorrow and Future Leaders …
IHS 2017 Student Team with their Sports Coordinators
strike a pose after receiving gold medals for good attempt at the football game on the field of play
IHS 1997 Football Team
IHS 1997 Team with
Our Great Men, Leaders and Fathers of Today!
IHS 1997 Set Football Team (20 Years after), strike a pose with their silver medals…20years aint 20days abi
L-R: Odule, Saliu, Wasiu, Capt. Yusuf, Bode Ilelaboye, Emmanuel Opas, Bidemi Babatunde, Coach Taiwo T, Godwin, Rasaq Gee Olayiwola Big Ups to you Guys! Una too much! You rock!
With the power of Great Class IHS Class of ’97 working together, Victory is Sure!
Yours Sincerely,
Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General
For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO
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