Further to previous announcements with regard to rolling out the IHS Student Engagement/Seminar 2017 programme powered by IHS Class of ’97 Association and in line with our objectives to engage our alma mater, grow values, integrity and interact with the current students,

The IHS Class of ’97 Association Student Engagement series commenced on May 24th, 2017 pioneered with a brief Pep Talk delivered by our facilitator, also Secretary General, IHS Class of ’97 Association, our very own Mrs.’Keji Oluwadare, a Chartered Human Resources Management (HR) Professional @ the Ikeja Senior High School, Ikeja during the morning assembly period by 7:40am.

Introduction of the Facilitator by Vice-Principal Administration – Mr. Oyatumo, Mrs Kolawole,Vice-Principal Academics and other Great IHS Teachers.

The Pep Talk focused on the decline in grades and decadence in core values of Respect, Discipline, Punctuality and shift in attitude towards academics etc

Mrs. Keji Oluwadare spoke to the students about the advantages of schooling, learning and getting an education, the importance of values, giving back and being future leaders of our society

She further enjoined, admonished and encouraged the students to;
●always show respect, proper courtesy and good manners to their parents, teachers etc everywhere and appreciate the efforts of their teachers,
●take seriously and make the best of the opportunity of a secondary school education and work hard, focus on their studies as now is the period to take their academics very seriously and make excellent grades
●to be disciplined, manage their time better and also be punctual by arriving early to school and avoid latecoming
●work harder towards improving their grades

The IHS Student Engagement Programme is aimed at preparing and equipping the next generation, with the information, exposure, opportunity and mentoring to help them become positive future leaders in our society.

Thank you

God Bless Ikeja High School
And All Who Pass Through Her

Mrs. Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO

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