Great IHS Class of ’97

A Fulfilling and Progressive New Year 2017 to Us All!

Further to the just concluded online voting and elections of 28th December, 2016 for the pioneer IHS Class of  ’97 Association EXCO and announcement of election results on 29th December, 2016, the newly elected members of IHS Class of  ’97 Association Executive Management Committee resumed duties on January 3rd 2017 with names and portfolio as shown below;

Names & Portfolio of Pioneer IHS Class of ‘97 Association Management Executive Committee

  1. Olatunji Fasimoye – President
  2. Olubukola Olusola – Vice-President I (Nigeria)
  3. Priscilla Audu – Vice-President II (Diaspora)
  4. Morenikeji Oluwadare – Secretary General
  5. Queen Kuye – Assistant Secretary General
  6. Adekemisola Sogunro – Financial Secretary
  7. Abosede Adama – Welfare Secretary
  8. Godwin Chuks Ezekwe – Deputy Welfare Officer

The newly elected pioneer IHS Class of ’97 Association Executive Management Committee are saddled with the task and responsibility of coordinating operations and proper running of the Association to a functional state for the next one year.

We thank our great comrades for the nominations and take the opportunity as a platform for service. It is a huge responsibility entrusted unto us by our Great Comrades and need the support of all IHS Class of ’97 Alumni as we work together towards the progress and advancement of our Great IHS Class of ’97 Association.


Tunji Fasimoye – President                         Bukola Olusola – VP I (Nigeria)             Priscilla Audu – VP II (Diaspora)


Keji Oluwadare – Secretary General             Queen Joy Kuye – Assistant Secretary General


Kemisola Sogunro – Financial Secretary    Bosede Adama – Welfare Secretary       Godwin Ezekwe – Deputy Welfare


Long live IHS Class of ’97 Association!

God Bless Ikeja High School

And All Who Pass Through Her


Keji Oluwadare

Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO




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