The Olasoji Project

  • BeneficiaryMr. Michael Olasoji
  • Current StatusCompleted
  • Starting Date28th August 2016
  • Completion Date12th December 2016
  • Total Funds RaisedN282,000

The Olasoji Payback Project (TOP) Team
1. Mrs. Morenikeji Oluwadare (nee Ogunbanjo) – Recording
2. Mrs. Adekemisola Sogunro (nee Adeyeye)
3. Mr. Udeme Inyang
4. Mr. Ayodeji Fatokun
5. Mr. Lekan Olotu
Immediate Purpose: To visit Pa Olasoji’s Residence, our Past Principal as part of activities for the upcoming Class of 97 Reunion and determine gifts to be bought to appreciate him whose disciplineand training remains indelible several years and counting (he is unaware of this).
The Olasoji Project Team created 17/Aug/2016 as an off shoot of the IHS Class of ’97 Association For clarity, The Olasoji Payback (TOP) Project is not about the individual Pa Olasoji. It is about us as a group, who have chosen to look back and appreciate our teachers here and now for their efforts, sacrifices and labor; to be an exception to the mantra that says “A teacher’s reward is in heaven!”
Each year, a teacher/staff of Ikeja High School, as agreed by the general house will be chosen as the recipient of the association‟s benevolence and payback project.
Being the inception, the choice of Pa Michael Olasoji as this year’s recipient of our benevolence was owing to the unifying factor of having one Principal and we agree his firmness, discipline and leadership had such tremendous impact in shaping us for the future! A Father indeed to us all!

Mr. Michael Adetunji Olasoji – Brief Background
 Septuagenarian, Disciplinarian, Educationist, Mentor, Leader, Teacher, Father figure
 Retired Director of Education, Lagos State
 Past Principal, Ikeja High School (IHS), GRA Ikeja, Lagos State
 President of ANCOPSS – All Nigeria Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools, for 6
years running (1990 – 1996)
 Raised the public profile and rating of Ikeja High School; even though a state run public secondary school, every class was bursting at the seams at an all-time high as every parent wanted their ward to attend HIS as even children

Gift Suggestions for Pa Olasoji
A scan of his residence from our access point, we observed a lifestyle of modesty and thought it better to get functional gifts. Gift suggestions along these thought lines, are as follows; i.Generating Set: SUNMEC FIRMAN Gasoline Generator; Key Starter and Recoil, Portable with Wheels
Sumec Firman SPG-8800E2 6.5KVA Gasoline Generator (Yellow) – N175,000
Sumec Firman SPG-8990E2 7.2KVA Gasoline Generator (Yellow) – N195,000
(Price quotes from a SUMEC FIRMAN wholesale distributor /dealer located @ Ikeja, Lagos)
N.B. Courtesy: Ikeja High School, Class of 1997 to be painted on the body of the generator probably top exterior of fuel tank
Ikeja High School to be written in full for posterity since not everyone knows what IHS stands for
ii. Replacement of Living Room Furniture settees and seaters (to get price quotes)
iii. Wall Plaque. A beautifully designed commendation wall plaque with the IHS crest to Pa Michael Olasoji courtesy the IHS Class of 1997 Set
Project Estimate
A conservative estimate of The Olasoji Payback Project stands at =N=500,000.00

Sincere appreciation to all TOP Team members for volunteering their time, contributions and efforts in making the visit happen at short notice despite tight schedules and the pouring rain. Your labour of love will be rewarded and you are definitely celebrated!
 Participation in the The Olasoji Payback Project is voluntary, considering the current economic climate
 Donations/contributions to the Association‟s account towards The Olasoji Project must be properly tagged by the donors as „Olasoji‟ for proper accounting and ease of reconciliation.

Kudos to Everyone!
God Bless Ikeja High School and All Who Pass Through Her!
Mrs. Morenikeji Oluwadare (nee Ogunbanjo)
Team Lead, The Olasoji Payback (TOP) Project 2016
The Olasoji Project (TOP) Team Members