Great IHS Class of ’97 Comrades, Friends and Compatriots!

Thank you Once Again to all our Great Comrades who participated and joined Us from Everywhere online…for the IHS Class of ’97 Online Townhall Meeting on Saturday, 19th August, 2017 on our IHS 97 Whatsapp Group.

We couldn’t have done this without YOU!

Thank you very much for your participation, feedback, suggestions and comments tonight

Your Feedback and Comments are very much Appreciated

We also appeal….

●We appeal to Us to participate and engage more
●We appeal to Us to attend our events and programmes
●We appeal to Us to please pay our agreed Association Dues of N1000 per month to fund projects, would also appreciate your contributions, special donations for special events. Please make payments to ●IKEJA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS ’97 ASSOCIATION, 0081499873, DIAMOND BANK. Please tag your payments e.g if for ‘dues’ or ’20th Reunion etc
●We appeal to members to indicate if they are going to be attending the Reunion for effective planning
●We would like to hear about the main challenges with regard to payment of dues and general participation

●We are mindful of some financial challenges of members and are working out some things to help members grow but we need us to show interest in the Association by committing to the payment of dues – N1000 per month

●With regard to our Upcoming 20th Anniversary Reunion, the Committees for the Reunion have started planning
●We need your ideas, suggestions on how to celebrate this very special event for All of Us…

Please keep your suggestions, ideas, comments and criticisms coming…

Please forward your comments, suggestions, contributions anytime to the Secretary General or Executives.

For information and updates, check us on;

Facebook: IHS Class of 97 or Email:

Together We Can Achieve More

Thank you very much


Best Regards,

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO

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