Great IHS Class of ’97 Compatriots!
We appreciate everyone who showed up in 3D on Saturday, 26th August, 2017 for the IHS Class of ’97 Lagos Hangout (previously announced 14th August, 2017) from the Interstates and Lagos State, despite various other engagements and commitments. Thank you great comrades for believing and representing the dream and vision!
The IHS Class of ’97 Hangout Crew observed one minute silence for one of Us, Mr. Timi Idiare who lost his Dad, announced yesterday on the IHS ’97 Whatsapp Forum. Our Dear Timi, Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your Dad. We pray God’s comfort for you and the entire family at this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May Paps’s soul rest in peace. Amen.
It was a great time at the Hangout to meet and put names to our pretty and handsome selves, play catch up, hang out, share and unwind together…🍻
From the Interstates, Owerri Emmanuel (aka Elder Opasss), From Lagos State: Folakemi Ogundolie, Ibrahim Cole (Tallest), Tunde Opakunle, Mr. Dayo Oludayo, Udeme Inyang, (Green Magic), Barrister Yusuf Sule (BoT, IHS ‘97 Asso.) Bosede Adanma (Welfare Sec), IHS ’97), Godwin Ezekwe Chuks (Deputy Welfare IHS ’97 Asso.), Tunji Fasimoye (President, IHS 97 Asso), Queen Kuye (Asst. Sec. Gen IHS ’97) and yours sincerely, Keji Oluwadare (Sec. Gen)
Brief Highlights of what members discussed;
●IHS Class of ‘97 Association is not some but A Whole Lot More of Us
●Dwindling Member Participation: Members came with the expectation to meet and interact with more members at the hangout and are not encouraged with the continuous low turn out at our programmes and events despite being aware with the posts and announcements
●We are urged to participate more and encouraged to pay membership dues of N1000 monthly and also make contributions so we can execute projects
●We are more than an online chat group, we are real people and we want Us to meet, network and interact with each other in 3D!
●The Grand Ikeja High School 40th Anniversary Celebration coming up October 2017
●Ideas and Suggestions for Our IHS Class of ’97 20th Anniversary Reunion coming up December 15th & 16th 2017
…please read more details on our facebook page: IHS Class of 97 and website:
Great Great IHS ’97 Compatriots, Comrades and Friends
From Lagos to Nigeria to Malawi to America to Canada to United Kingdom to South Africa to wherever we are,
Let us stretch our hands across the world and spread the word 🤝
We got faith and we believe that we can make it work
It is time to open our eyes and see
That all we need is you and me
We can do anything if we believe…
Unity is like Harmony
Let’s Go Great People,
It is time to go Higher ⬆
We are The IHS Class of ’97 Association!
Mrs. Keji Oluwadare 
Secretary General
For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO
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