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It has now become much easier to share with a wider audience than was ever possible before.

However, with quicker means of sharing messages and content, comes greater responsibility.The damage done by spreading misinformation, false knowledge, news, content, gory unpleasant images, videos can be far greater and this has become a growing concern to social media users on group platforms.

Great caution and care must br taken to avoid propagation of unverified frivolous misleading posts, gory images, unplesant pictures, rumours which circulate mostly through social media platforms

Before we succumb to the temptation of forwarding or sharing messages as received on social media i.e Facebook, WhatsApp etc we should learn first to confirm and verify the authenticity of the content, narration or news, image, video before we tap the button to forward/share such news to all our contacts and groups we are part of

Some Things To Consider…

1. The moment you post something on a social media platform i.e. twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp…it becomes your responsibility to defend what you have posted

2. As long as you post it, you are fully responsible for every content of everything you post, even if you forwarded it from someone else. There is nothing like I just posted as received from somewhere.

3. It is important you verify both content and source of whatever information you have before posting

4. Be ready to answer every question relating to every post you send. Don’t post it if you can’t answer for it.

5. Note that, not everything posted on social media is true.

6. Great caution and care should be exercised on what you post through social media as there are alot of videos, content and images from previous years being recycled

7. It may cost you your reputation, respect, friendships or even your life when you broadcast, propagate or disseminate news, videos, stories, reports or jokes that you may not have verified, proven, confirmed or censored.

Please Note:
We are not excused nor absolved of our responsibility in sending/propagating these messages further by just writing forwarded as received, posted as received, shared as received. We must confirm content before forwarding or posting to people or groups you are part of to respect other people’s space and do our part to add value with information being propagated to keep the peace and safety of the online community space.

#postresponsibly #usesocialmediaresponsibly

Thank you very much

Keji Oluwadare 
Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO

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