Great Comrades!

It was indeed an inspiring and impactful seminar outing at our great Alma mater, Ikeja High School on Wednesday, 21st June, 2017 as over 200 senior high school students and inclusive students as well, gathered for the 2nd edition of the IHS Student Seminar /Engagement Programme held by 12noon on the Ikeja High School premises (former Library facility) further to our previous announcements.

The programme schedule + sessions + talks + everything in between were crafted to inspire and educate the students.

The Objective/Goal of the IHS Student Seminar Programme

●To encourage students to understand the importance of school education as the basics to learning and expanding the mind and

●To teach principles of success and overcoming challenges drawn from sharing real life experiences of facilitators as it relates to transition from youth to adult.

In attendance at the event from the school were Mrs. Olawuyi – Principal, Ikeja Senior High School, Mr. Oyatumo – VP Administration, School Counselors and Teachers, Members and Executive Management Committee of the IHS Class of ’97 Association.

After acknowledging protocol and programme preamble, we began with the first speaking session;

Success in School and Hobbies

Facilitator: Mr. Olatunji Fasimoye –
President, IHS Class of ’97 Association

The programme started with an inspiring session facilitated by our very own Mr. Tunji Fasimoye,who shared his challenges and turning point moments whilst in school and his growing years and how despite all he went through was determined to focus on education and make a success of life

Sharing from his experiences whilst in school and lessons learned, he identified negative peer pressure influence as one of the major causes of school drop outs, gang violence, social vices and societal issues

The entrepreneur and sports personality, who is one of the key people behind the rising profile of the game of Rugby in Nigeria, also shared about his love for sports and his foray into the game of rugby which interestingly, was by chance and developed an interest and became involved with the Nigeria Football Rugby Federation (NFRR)

From his experiences, he advised and admonished the students to;

●Take advantage of and focus on education as a very important tool to become valued citizens of the society

●Respect and appreciate their teachers and their efforts

●Stay focused, study and work hard to make good school grades

●Not to delay till matters get worse before reflecting and taking crucial decisions regarding one’s life

●Resist negative peer pressure and influences

●Discpline, Determination and Focus are crucial to achieve goals

A brief interlude, Q & A session and light refreshments followed, and we had another educative session on;

Mentorship/Choosing a Role Model

Facilitator: Mrs. Queen Kuye
Assistant Secretary, IHS Class of ’97 Association

This informative and enlightening session was facilitated by our very own Mrs Queen Kuye who shared with the students her experiences growing up and urged them to choose role models who will help develop their skills and potential

She spoke about the role of Mentoring and how our choice of role model affects and shapes our lives

Here’s some quick definition of terms and salient points of the session

Mentorship: It is a learning and development relationship between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.

Mentor. A wise, trusted counsellor, teacher, coach, adviser, master, guide, preceptor

Mentee. A person who is guided by a mentor.

She goes on further;

The Role Of a Mentor. Helps his/her mentee to develop their potentials, guiding them in words, attitudes and actions for greater efficacy and effectiveness.

In a nutshell a mentor should impact lives positively.

An Effective Mentor must be;

●Purposeful, ●Available, ●Positive influence,●Good listener, ●Good example, ●Willing to sacrifice time ●Patient and Understanding.

Plus benfits too;

Benefits Of Mentorship

●Enhances growth through guided relationships.

●Creates leadership through relationship

●Encourages and helps people develop potentials and hone their skills to be more effective…etc

The Question is,

Who is Your Mentor/Role Model?  Food for thought.

There were also talks by other EXCOs and co-facilitators on board; Bose Adanma (Welfare), Kemi Sogunro (Treasurer), Godwin Ezekwe (Deputy Welfare) and Keji Oluwadare (Secretary General) as we all urged the students in our various short talks to stay focused and pay attention to their education despite present day distractions of technology etc and glean truths and from the real experiences they have heard.

We urged and admonished that the best time to start making decisions and set goals for their future is NOW

Moderators: Keji Oluwadare and Kemi Sogunro


The Principal on behalf of the Teachers and students expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the IHS Class of ’97 Alumni Association for their efforts in organising such an impactful seminar

Many, many Thanks to All our Greats and members. Also for contributions and support from; Eunice Iwu, Folakemi Ogundolie, Tope Oyefeso, Deji Fatokun, Ochuko Siekpe, Bidemi Babatunde and also to all the Executives (EXCOs) for their presence at the event.

We also took some pictures at the seminar event posted below after the cut.

These simple but powerful lines just about sums everything up;

If you want to be Somebody,

If you want to go Somewhere,

Better Wake Up and Pay Attention

Waking up is that moment of realization when reality sets in and you know you need to…Pay Attention.

When you pay attention to something; you are alert, focused and receptive; You take notice, concentrate and you focus on it which makes all the crucial difference.

The IHS Student Seminar is powered by the IHS Class of ’97 Association

Ikeja Senior School Principal, Mrs. Olawuyi, Vice Principal-Mr Oyatumo and Teachers, Members of Staff with IHS Class of ’97 EXCO Members @ the Student Seminar powered by IHS Class of ’97 Association

IHS Senior Students (future leaders) and participants with IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO Members @ the Student Seminar powered by IHS Class of ’97 Association

Some of the Executive Management Committee (EXCO) Members of IHS Class of ’97 Association @ The IHS Student Seminar powered by IHS Class of ’97 Association
From L – R: Keji Oluwadare (Secretary General) Tunji Fasimoye (President), Bosede Adanma (Welfare Secretary), Queen Kuye (Assistant Secretary) Godwin Chuks Ezekwe (Deputy Welfare Secretary)

Thank you

Keji Oluwadare

Secretary General

For: IHS Class of ’97 Association EXCO

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