Ganiyu Olayiwola Razaq

My name is Ganiyu Olayiwola Razaq and I am vying for the post of Assistant Financial Secretary.
I am a graduate of Accounting with over ten years of relevant experience.
With your support and renewed optimism of the team, I hope to:

Ensure proper books of accounts are kept at all times.

Add value by ensuring judicious use of our resources

Work with the team towards delivery of our work program in the most efficient manner

I am positive we can move IHS to greater heights but only if we try.

Thank you for your support!

Oluwaseun Odusanya

My name is Oluwaseun Odusanya (former Adeyemi), I hold a in Business Administration from Lagos state university. I am aspiring for the post of financial Secretary of our great association, Ikeja High School class of 1997.

I have a vision towards this great association and I have qualities to impact into it.

My vision is to make sure that the finance of the association is judiciously, prudently, wisely managed and utilized with service and sacrifice as watch word.

My qualities are humility, integrity, transparency, sincerity, prudence, responsibility and accountability.

I will encourage members to pay dues and also look out for more revenue generating windows which the incoming executives can explore.
I also promise to listen to what members want and take it on board when deciding on society events.
I believe I am equipped with the necessary skills together with the support from the members to take our great Alma Mater to greater heights.

Long live Ikeja High School
Long live class of 1997
Love you all.

  • Your Financial Secretary with a difference.
    Oluwaseun Adeyemi Odusanya.

Queen Joy Kuye

My name is Kuye Queen Joy; I hold a B.A in English Language & Literature and a Diploma in Aviation Management. I have a passion for service to humanity and I have earned a reputation of being a Serial Volunteer, a Community Worker, a Hardworking, a Selfless individual and a trustworthy Ambassador. The welfare and wellbeing of the people are the core of my ideology hence, my choice of running for Welfare Secretary of IHS ‘97’ Association.

The role of Welfare Secretary is an immensely important one. He/She must look after the wellbeing of all members offering non-judgmental and non-directional advice and help on different challenges and issues facing members.

The Welfare Office raises awareness of these issues and advocates on behalf of all members. To fulfill this role therefore, you need the right mix of experience, enthusiasm, dedication, passion and approachability. I believe I have the right mix and that’s why you should elect me to be your Welfare Secretary.

Being a Welfare Secretary means being a ‘Mother’ to all i.e. making sure that the needs of members are cared for. This comes naturally to me as a mother of two and not being oblivious of the needs and concerns/challenges of the people around me.


My objectives are:-

  1. To bridge a Communication gap between members, break the walls of segregation and sectionalism, indifference to issues concerning all and a call for help.
  2. I see a great potential to extend the reach of the Welfare office to ensure that important messages and matters do not get lost among the hoards of information thrown at members on the group/platform. My ideas are feasible, easily implemented and well researched.
  3. I want to bring a new approach to the implementation of welfare campaigns across members, with major emphasis placed on exclusive one-on-one chat with members who have issue/challenges and need solution.
  4. Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and Vocational Trainings will be introduced for the betterment of this great Association.

The role of the Welfare Office definitely works best as a collaborative one, and I’ll be ensuring that feedback is consistently requested and valued.

  1. I want to ensure also, that those who may find themselves in a position where they need to provide support are well equipped to deal with the situation. Equally, it’s vital that those in need of support always have someone available to offer a listening ear and point them in the right direction. This support has to be available both online and offline i.e. The Welfare Office is open to everyone on Whatsapp, phone and also face to face interaction.
  2. Giving back to our Alma Mater will be another barrier to break.

The impact of the Welfare Office will be felt in this area.

Experience is vital as are ideas, but equally important is that the Welfare Officer/Secretary is approachable and willing to listen to any member raising any concern. Therefore, whether you need to have a chat, have a vent, sort out some financial issue, relationship issue, ANY issue, I’ll be on hand to offer a listening ear in a welcoming environment.

However, you may never feel the need to call into the Welfare office, but if elected as the Welfare Secretary, I promise that even if you don’t need me, I’ll always be there.

Thank you and God bless!

Tope Oyefeso

Dear friends, My name is Tope Oyefeso, I am contesting for the post of President of our Association, Ikeja High School, Class of 1997.

My conviction in being part of the running of the associAtion is premise on my understanding of the objectives of its formation some years back.

In running the association, The focus of my team will be on three areas:

i. Members Welfare
We cannot have a thriving association without having thriving members. “We all must reach one another; because either we like it or not, we are our brother and sister’s keeper”. This will be emphasised and we will developed a workable platform towards bringing members to take ownership of not only the association but also each other as friends, mates and allies.

ii. Giving back to School
Our coming together was because we all attended Ikeja High School and this remain the thrust of our association. While we try to raise each other, we will impact our school in the best possible way. We shall use our resources: human and material to ensure that landmark projects and impactful initiatives are carefully implemented for all stakeholders: the school, teachers and students.

iii. Building local and international synergies for the Association.
We have members scattered all over the world; doing great exploits and achieving so much. Our team will make contacts with them; build on their networks and reach for the benefit of our association, school and members.

We shall build the strong synergies that will provide opportunities for this great association and its members.

I Will, in the coming days provide details of these programmes while I enjoin you to take note and hold me accountable when elected.

Thank you as i wish you a very prosperous Month of June.

Yours in service,

Otunba Tope Oyefeso

Kareem Sunmonu

Kareem Sunmonu

The Strength and capacity of a man is not determined by his/her status or size but by the intelligent acumen embedded in him/her. I, Kareem Olutayo SUNMONU, am aspiring to serve you as the Vice President of our Great Alumni, Ikeja High School 97 Set Old Student Association.

Just as I mentioned when I made my intent known on the 13th April 2018, The business of driving the Alumni takes significant sacrifice, innovative thinking, resourcefulness, partnership and disciplined focus, so one more time I want to personally thank the outgoing Exco and BOT for putting all of this on the table and getting us started on our journey, I know it’s not been an easy journey all these years steering the affairs of this Great Alumni.

It is no doubt that our experience as a student passing through IHS has directly and indirectly influenced and shaped our life years after leaving the school. Several of us have had the best opportunity at life and a lot have turned life challenges into successes and opportunity to greater heights. Thus, giving back and Service to humanity is what will make the world a better place for generation unborn; the time of change is here in our Alumni because I am here to serve and not to lead. If I am elected as the Vice president, I shall uphold the provision of the constitution, In addition to these constitutional duties my specific objectives are:

  1. Improve Communication: I shall ensure that every member of the association is carried along with the affairs of the association and also encourage mutual communication.
  2. Improve Finance Generation: I shall work and strategize with the new exco on how to generate Funds within and outside the association in order to be able to execute planned projects and also to be able to meet the association financial obligations.

iii. Rendering Assistance to our Alma Mater and challenged Students: I shall work hard to bring innovative ideas and information on how to improve the current standard of our Alma Mater and how to provide more guidance and support to currents students experiencing personal, academic and financial difficulties.

Among others are: Leadership & Entrepreneurship initiatives; Professional Networking among Alumni and so on; all the aforementioned cannot be realized without your support.

While a lot of us are brilliant as individuals, it is the output we produce as a well-functioning team that is more robust and sustainable – (TEAM= Together Everybody Achieves More); A vote for Kareem Olutayo SUNMONU as Vice president is a vote for Change and Progress.

Thank you and God Bless.

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Morenikeji Oluwadare

Keji Oluwadare (nee Ogunbanjo) is a resourceful, resultoriented professional with versatile skill sets who regularly
combines the roles of administrator, trainer, coordinator, speaker, counselor, HR Practitioner et al
Her passion for service and adding value to lives has endeared her to many; whilst serving in leadership and
supportive roles across various organizations.
She is an Administrator and Chartered HR Practitioner with multiple years of experience working in various
capacities across several sectors. She is an alumnus of the prestigious Great IFE…Obafemi Awolowo University
(OAU), Ile-Ife, Nigeria with a degree in Management & Accounting and our very own Great I.H.S. – Ikeja High
Whilst at Ikeja High, she served as prefect and class captain during her junior and senior classes and was involved in extra-curricular activities such as Business Students Society (BSS); Press Club (editor/presenter, broadcasting news and events) and Life Club (formerly Drug Free Club).
Keji has been described by peers and colleagues as a congenial, inspiring, delectable, motivated, responsible personality with excellent organizational and communication skills, follow-through attitude, leadership, detailed, tenacious and great team player who places a high premium on and consistently demonstrates integrity, professionalism and a first-rate work ethic.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, all protocols observed.
Greatest IHS Class of ’97, I am deeply humbled by the privilege of nomination by your goodselves for the position of Secretary General of our Ikeja High School (IHS) Class of ’97 Association. It is a great honor to be considered for such an opportunity and I accept the nomination as a platform to serve.
Understanding quite well that at this defining moment in the formative periods of our great association, it is imperative that we work with determination to make good progress so that our association finds its roots and foundations solidified in the various aspects of its functions /purposes and is reputed as a valued, worthwhile and effective body; I am again honored to be considered for the opportunity of being a part of the

If elected, I will;
– support the president, executives and alumni to ensure tranquility and a seamless fusion of all our collective ideas, energies thus enabling team spirit to achieve set goals
– represent the association in a professional manner and assist to build constructive working relationships with interest groups that will help the alumni and association deliver on its strategic objectives of delivering value through capacity building initiatives
– provide support, advice and guidance on matters; work closely with the management committee in the strategy, planning and implementation of tasks with an innovative approach and also explore avenues to improve the current conditions of our great alma mata – IHS;
– raise the association’s profile through effective communications such that it is a valued, worthwhile and effective body whilst fostering relations amongst alumni

My Core Values are;

– Commitment
– Respect
– Integrity
– Service
– Professionalism

I have garnered varying leadership and people experiences with various organizations, including our IHS Class of ‘97 Association, serving as Team Lead of The Olasoji Project (TOP) Team; the Team which conceived and executed The Olasoji Project from idea into reality and had its maiden giveback outing/presentation in appreciation of our Principal Par Excellence, Pa Michael .A. Olasoji at our recently held Reunion on 12th November, 2016 (more details on the Association’s website to be launched soon) At this juncture, I take a moment to profoundly commend the efforts of the steering committee, other various committees and all I.H.S. Class of ’97 Alumni for the excellent work in managing the affairs of the Association thus far, as we look forward to the future with brimming optimism I recognize that no lasting achievement is attained on a high horse of lonesome pursuit, and I am most willing to be guided by insights and gleanings on the task ahead.

Collective Success is True Success

There comes a time when we must come together as One…For IHS Class of ’97, The Time is Now

We are each other’s harvest; We are each other’s business; We are each other’s bond.

God Bless Ikeja High School and All Who Pass Through Her!

Long Live Ikeja High School Class of ’97 Association!


Thank you for your time

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Udeme Inyang

Believe in the maxim” all for one and one for all ” seeking the overall good of all, with the aim of fostering a better social and the entire macrocosm. I’m also of the view that one must start by impacting his area of influence.
Doing this for me is becoming the face of welfare in noble house of IHS 97 . Becoming the welfare officer of the prestigious IHS 97 set, will be a great service and privilege to me. I therefore officially present myself for the welfare position of this association.

I am Udeme Inyang, a passionate Photographer/ Cinematographer/ Director/ Content and Concepts developer / Film maker. After cutting my teeth in Mass Communications with a major in TV production, I became an associate member of ITPAN ( Independent Producers Association of Nigeria). I also have a certificate in Directing and Production Management.

I work with GreenMagic, a multimedia outfit I floated, having worked with some media and multimedia organisations in various capacities : shooting crew/ production manager of Next Movie Star International, where I handled some projects for them within and outside of Nigeria, MITV, AVF on a project like Malta Guinness street dance Africa. I’ve also been part of a couple of commercials and movies. My company handled all photographic works from last year’s National Mathematics competition ‘ Cowbellpedia’, The inaugural thanksgiving service of the Akwa Ibom State Governor, and some project for the Maltina brand projection.
My passion includes arts and expression, travelling / meeting new people, physical / combat sports (I’m a Taikwandoist majorly on street fight – little of boxing), camera works/ imagery , poetry. I love silence, a little bit of reading, colours, flowers and birds, bodies of water, stories, toys, humanity and healthy services. I’m presently one of the best Micro-photographers in Nigeria. I also have a strong sting for street photography.

When I become the welfare rep of this group, I will use my position to foster unity in the house, making sure everyone feels a sense of belonging.
I am UDEME, for welfare.

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Priscilla Audu

My name is Priscilla Audu formerly Priscilla Ogigai. I am currently running for the office of Vice President Diaspora. During my time at IHS, I was a Commercial Student and in class SS3D. I was the Assistant Head Girl of IHS, while in SS3. I also was class captain during my junior years at the school. I was an executive member of the leadership group led by Ms. Etolue (guidance counselor); I was a member of the choir, and involved in other school clubs and activities.

Educationally, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, in Psychology and Management. And for my Masters of Science program, I worked on my Counseling Psychology degree. I have also engaged in different certificate programs, such as Domestic Violence, Sex Abuse, Child and Adolescent Advocacy, and Crisis Response.

I have also worked as an entrepreneur planning and successfully executing events. I also own a catering outfit. I currently work as a Social Worker for the United State Government, ensuring the safety and well-being of children and families.  I am aware and knowledgeable, and have vast experience in bringing together different people of different background and working to ensure the purpose of the meeting is achieved successfully.

It is an honor to be a part of the team that birth this association and have successfully planned two reunion events to date. It is an even bigger honor to have the opportunity to be part of the administrative team, where bigger and better plans would be executed on behalf of the IHS 97 Class, and its members.

As the Vice-President Diaspora, I plan to work hand in hand with the president and other members of the administrative team to envision, evaluate, plan, execute and accomplish all tasks, that brings about greater change and opportunity to the association, its members and the school.

As the Vice-President, part of my job will be to ensure that there is unity and understanding of what the goals of the association is within the administrative body and its members.

As part of my job, I will also work to ensure  and encourage other alumni’s to give their time, talent, and treasures to the association, because success is mostly achievable working together.

As the Vice President, I will fulfill the duties of President in the absence or indisposition of the President. I will assist the President with his or her duties, when requested, and to be responsible for such duties as are delegated or assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.

If and when the opportunity arises, I may act as liason to one or more of the following groups: students, faculty, administration and other school employees if necessary.

As the Vice-President, I will provide advice to one or more committees and report the committee activities at each meeting of the Executive Committee.

My job overall is to help all members and executives, see eye to eye and work together in unity, for a better and prosperous association. It will be an honor to serve you.

Thanks for this opportunity.

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