Kareem Sunmonu

Vice President - Nigeria

Kareem Sunmonu

The Strength and capacity of a man is not determined by his/her status or size but by the intelligent acumen embedded in him/her. I, Kareem Olutayo SUNMONU, am aspiring to serve you as the Vice President of our Great Alumni, Ikeja High School 97 Set Old Student Association.

Just as I mentioned when I made my intent known on the 13th April 2018, The business of driving the Alumni takes significant sacrifice, innovative thinking, resourcefulness, partnership and disciplined focus, so one more time I want to personally thank the outgoing Exco and BOT for putting all of this on the table and getting us started on our journey, I know it’s not been an easy journey all these years steering the affairs of this Great Alumni.

It is no doubt that our experience as a student passing through IHS has directly and indirectly influenced and shaped our life years after leaving the school. Several of us have had the best opportunity at life and a lot have turned life challenges into successes and opportunity to greater heights. Thus, giving back and Service to humanity is what will make the world a better place for generation unborn; the time of change is here in our Alumni because I am here to serve and not to lead. If I am elected as the Vice president, I shall uphold the provision of the constitution, In addition to these constitutional duties my specific objectives are:

  1. Improve Communication: I shall ensure that every member of the association is carried along with the affairs of the association and also encourage mutual communication.
  2. Improve Finance Generation: I shall work and strategize with the new exco on how to generate Funds within and outside the association in order to be able to execute planned projects and also to be able to meet the association financial obligations.

iii. Rendering Assistance to our Alma Mater and challenged Students: I shall work hard to bring innovative ideas and information on how to improve the current standard of our Alma Mater and how to provide more guidance and support to currents students experiencing personal, academic and financial difficulties.

Among others are: Leadership & Entrepreneurship initiatives; Professional Networking among Alumni and so on; all the aforementioned cannot be realized without your support.

While a lot of us are brilliant as individuals, it is the output we produce as a well-functioning team that is more robust and sustainable – (TEAM= Together Everybody Achieves More); A vote for Kareem Olutayo SUNMONU as Vice president is a vote for Change and Progress.

Thank you and God Bless.

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