Secretary General

Morenikeji Oluwadare

Keji Oluwadare (nee Ogunbanjo) is a resourceful, resultoriented professional with versatile skill sets who regularly
combines the roles of administrator, trainer, coordinator, speaker, counselor, HR Practitioner et al
Her passion for service and adding value to lives has endeared her to many; whilst serving in leadership and
supportive roles across various organizations.
She is an Administrator and Chartered HR Practitioner with multiple years of experience working in various
capacities across several sectors. She is an alumnus of the prestigious Great IFE…Obafemi Awolowo University
(OAU), Ile-Ife, Nigeria with a degree in Management & Accounting and our very own Great I.H.S. – Ikeja High
Whilst at Ikeja High, she served as prefect and class captain during her junior and senior classes and was involved in extra-curricular activities such as Business Students Society (BSS); Press Club (editor/presenter, broadcasting news and events) and Life Club (formerly Drug Free Club).
Keji has been described by peers and colleagues as a congenial, inspiring, delectable, motivated, responsible personality with excellent organizational and communication skills, follow-through attitude, leadership, detailed, tenacious and great team player who places a high premium on and consistently demonstrates integrity, professionalism and a first-rate work ethic.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, all protocols observed.
Greatest IHS Class of ’97, I am deeply humbled by the privilege of nomination by your goodselves for the position of Secretary General of our Ikeja High School (IHS) Class of ’97 Association. It is a great honor to be considered for such an opportunity and I accept the nomination as a platform to serve.
Understanding quite well that at this defining moment in the formative periods of our great association, it is imperative that we work with determination to make good progress so that our association finds its roots and foundations solidified in the various aspects of its functions /purposes and is reputed as a valued, worthwhile and effective body; I am again honored to be considered for the opportunity of being a part of the

If elected, I will;
– support the president, executives and alumni to ensure tranquility and a seamless fusion of all our collective ideas, energies thus enabling team spirit to achieve set goals
– represent the association in a professional manner and assist to build constructive working relationships with interest groups that will help the alumni and association deliver on its strategic objectives of delivering value through capacity building initiatives
– provide support, advice and guidance on matters; work closely with the management committee in the strategy, planning and implementation of tasks with an innovative approach and also explore avenues to improve the current conditions of our great alma mata – IHS;
– raise the association’s profile through effective communications such that it is a valued, worthwhile and effective body whilst fostering relations amongst alumni

My Core Values are;

– Commitment
– Respect
– Integrity
– Service
– Professionalism

I have garnered varying leadership and people experiences with various organizations, including our IHS Class of ‘97 Association, serving as Team Lead of The Olasoji Project (TOP) Team; the Team which conceived and executed The Olasoji Project from idea into reality and had its maiden giveback outing/presentation in appreciation of our Principal Par Excellence, Pa Michael .A. Olasoji at our recently held Reunion on 12th November, 2016 (more details on the Association’s website to be launched soon) At this juncture, I take a moment to profoundly commend the efforts of the steering committee, other various committees and all I.H.S. Class of ’97 Alumni for the excellent work in managing the affairs of the Association thus far, as we look forward to the future with brimming optimism I recognize that no lasting achievement is attained on a high horse of lonesome pursuit, and I am most willing to be guided by insights and gleanings on the task ahead.

Collective Success is True Success

There comes a time when we must come together as One…For IHS Class of ’97, The Time is Now

We are each other’s harvest; We are each other’s business; We are each other’s bond.

God Bless Ikeja High School and All Who Pass Through Her!

Long Live Ikeja High School Class of ’97 Association!


Thank you for your time

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