Vice President - Nigeria

Olubukola Olusola

My name is Olusola Olubukola, an aspirant for the post of Vice President of this great Association, Ikeja High School Class of 97, hereby present to you my proposed selfless service to the growth of our great association:
As the caption goes, my aim, if elected, is to work with the President and my fellow executives to foster a stronger bond between members of our glorious group to further bring us together. A check on our WhatsApp group shows that a large number of our members who are on on this platform hardly identify with it, they are either on mute or not contributing to the group’s activity. Why are we having this situation? Why are members so close yet far away? We need reach out to every member and seek their opinion on how we’ll come together and build a common front.
IHS is the unifying factor which brought the whole lot of us together and we’ve never had any regret attending the school. It’s one of the entities that moulded us into what each one of us had become today. We’ve taken bold steps in the right direction by giving the association a legal status and reaching out to our principal, Mr. Olasoji, during the last reunion in our own little way.. Now we need to reach out to the school and play a befitting role ALMA MATA plays..
3. FOR NETWORKING AND EMPOWERMENT: As this caption goes, and we’re not just in the group to mingle and do reunion activities, we can build economic blocks by reaching out to one another sharing ideas and values that can enhance certain standard of our lives. Most of us are already up the ladder of success, while some are at the middle, some are at the bottom, but they aren’t the least. We can liberate each other by making our members first choice when sourcing for goods and service delivery by simply patronising them.
God bless Ikeja High School and all that passed through her. God bless Nigeria.

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