Welfare Secretary

Queen Joy Kuye

My name is Kuye Queen Joy; I hold a B.A in English Language & Literature and a Diploma in Aviation Management. I have a passion for service to humanity and I have earned a reputation of being a Serial Volunteer, a Community Worker, a Hardworking, a Selfless individual and a trustworthy Ambassador. The welfare and wellbeing of the people are the core of my ideology hence, my choice of running for Welfare Secretary of IHS ‘97’ Association.

The role of Welfare Secretary is an immensely important one. He/She must look after the wellbeing of all members offering non-judgmental and non-directional advice and help on different challenges and issues facing members.

The Welfare Office raises awareness of these issues and advocates on behalf of all members. To fulfill this role therefore, you need the right mix of experience, enthusiasm, dedication, passion and approachability. I believe I have the right mix and that’s why you should elect me to be your Welfare Secretary.

Being a Welfare Secretary means being a ‘Mother’ to all i.e. making sure that the needs of members are cared for. This comes naturally to me as a mother of two and not being oblivious of the needs and concerns/challenges of the people around me.


My objectives are:-

  1. To bridge a Communication gap between members, break the walls of segregation and sectionalism, indifference to issues concerning all and a call for help.
  2. I see a great potential to extend the reach of the Welfare office to ensure that important messages and matters do not get lost among the hoards of information thrown at members on the group/platform. My ideas are feasible, easily implemented and well researched.
  3. I want to bring a new approach to the implementation of welfare campaigns across members, with major emphasis placed on exclusive one-on-one chat with members who have issue/challenges and need solution.
  4. Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and Vocational Trainings will be introduced for the betterment of this great Association.

The role of the Welfare Office definitely works best as a collaborative one, and I’ll be ensuring that feedback is consistently requested and valued.

  1. I want to ensure also, that those who may find themselves in a position where they need to provide support are well equipped to deal with the situation. Equally, it’s vital that those in need of support always have someone available to offer a listening ear and point them in the right direction. This support has to be available both online and offline i.e. The Welfare Office is open to everyone on Whatsapp, phone and also face to face interaction.
  2. Giving back to our Alma Mater will be another barrier to break.

The impact of the Welfare Office will be felt in this area.

Experience is vital as are ideas, but equally important is that the Welfare Officer/Secretary is approachable and willing to listen to any member raising any concern. Therefore, whether you need to have a chat, have a vent, sort out some financial issue, relationship issue, ANY issue, I’ll be on hand to offer a listening ear in a welcoming environment.

However, you may never feel the need to call into the Welfare office, but if elected as the Welfare Secretary, I promise that even if you don’t need me, I’ll always be there.

Thank you and God bless!