Running for Chief Welfare Officer

Udeme Inyang

Believe in the maxim” all for one and one for all ” seeking the overall good of all, with the aim of fostering a better social and the entire macrocosm. I’m also of the view that one must start by impacting his area of influence.
Doing this for me is becoming the face of welfare in noble house of IHS 97 . Becoming the welfare officer of the prestigious IHS 97 set, will be a great service and privilege to me. I therefore officially present myself for the welfare position of this association.

I am Udeme Inyang, a passionate Photographer/ Cinematographer/ Director/ Content and Concepts developer / Film maker. After cutting my teeth in Mass Communications with a major in TV production, I became an associate member of ITPAN ( Independent Producers Association of Nigeria). I also have a certificate in Directing and Production Management.

I work with GreenMagic, a multimedia outfit I floated, having worked with some media and multimedia organisations in various capacities : shooting crew/ production manager of Next Movie Star International, where I handled some projects for them within and outside of Nigeria, MITV, AVF on a project like Malta Guinness street dance Africa. I’ve also been part of a couple of commercials and movies. My company handled all photographic works from last year’s National Mathematics competition ‘ Cowbellpedia’, The inaugural thanksgiving service of the Akwa Ibom State Governor, and some project for the Maltina brand projection.
My passion includes arts and expression, travelling / meeting new people, physical / combat sports (I’m a Taikwandoist majorly on street fight – little of boxing), camera works/ imagery , poetry. I love silence, a little bit of reading, colours, flowers and birds, bodies of water, stories, toys, humanity and healthy services. I’m presently one of the best Micro-photographers in Nigeria. I also have a strong sting for street photography.

When I become the welfare rep of this group, I will use my position to foster unity in the house, making sure everyone feels a sense of belonging.
I am UDEME, for welfare.

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