Update: Magdalene Kidney Transplant Fundraiser Round Off and Cheque Out

Presentation of IHS 97 Association Donation Cheque to MagdaleneGreat IHS Comrades!

Recall the previous posts per our energetic Labour Prefect Magdalene (nee Ogbebor), the Kidney Transplant Fundraiser to rounding off collections.

The IHS EXCO Team, appreciates all members who pitched in with their donations and payments to the Association’s Account in re: Magdalene Kidney Transplant Fundraiser

The donation cheque was presented on behalf of the IHS ’97 Association by Mrs. Queen Kuye & Mr. Godwin Ezekwe to Magdalene on Saturday, 25th March, 2017 (pictured above). Donations will be withdrawn from the Association’s Account

The Ogbebor Family is deeply grateful to the IHS ’97 Association for the donations & support and Magdalene sends her warmest regards to every comrade.

We pray the Almighty God and Healer perfects her healing with speedy recovery and restore her health

God Bless and prosper our work and keep us all in good health

Thank you

Keji Oluwadare
Secretary General

For: IHS ’97 EXCO

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