Why I Should Attend My High School Reunion

When that invitation to a high school reunion shows up, your first instinct may be to ignore. Most people would rather forget about their teenage years rather than reminisce about it. While some people will say that high school was the best time of their lives, this isn’t always true for everyone.

Well, even if you didn’t like high school days that much because of so many insecurities we all had during our teen years…News Flash!!!! It turns out when you are 38+ nobody cares about all of that anymore or because we got fat

Besides, you don’t want to miss the excitement and renewed camaraderie that results from attending your high school reunion
Now don’t get me wrong, some of us have reasons not to attend i.e prior commitments, family obligations, intercontinental distance et al

Still, there are plenty of reasons why attending your high school reunion is a good idea. For starters;

• Everyone has changed dramatically. Not Just You – When you arrive at the reunion and realize that everyone is getting older, it can make the experience feel less isolating and help you come to terms with the fact that aging is an inevitable part of life

• Feelings of Nostalgia
• To reminisce
• To Reconnect With Old Friends
• To Network, Share Experiences and foster new alliances
• Encourage Interesting associations and relationships
• Wall Posts Aren’t Real Conversations – Seeing pictures and FaceBook status updates from your old friends or even sending a few messages back and forth just isn’t the same as seeing them in the flesh and catching up. Oju l’oro wa
• To hang out with lots of old friends all at once

It would be a great experience to reconnect with old friends and share our experiences along life’s journey, to add value and learn new stuff and sharpen each other

Think about all we can achieve together with the constellation of our brilliant minds. Great Things start from small beginnings by taking the first step

Please let us pay our dues and come around we cannot do this without us

Can’t wait to see us come 11th &12th November, 2016 at our IHS Class of ’97 Reunion 2016….19 years after

Everyone needs one another


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